Week at a Glance

This week is a fresh start. Take note of the things that occur pertaining to your dreams this week—this is what the next year will be about.

Spend some time Monday learning and exploring your daily habits. Are the contributing to your health and well-being? Are they increasing your bank account? If not, it’s time to change for the better.

On Wednesday, the Virgo Sun links up for its annual meeting with Jupiter, giving us all a five-star lucky day. You’ll be in the spirit of expanding your mind, life, and daily experience. Virgo is the sign of your habits and daily work. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so while it’s in Virgo, you’e gaining knowledge and wisdom about your health, daily routine, habits, and planning. Jupiter wants to give you abundance, blessings, and opportunities. Virgo wants you to get organized and get to work.  The reward (Jupiter) comes from the daily effort (Virgo) you put in.

Anne Ortelee called the next 12 months “The Year of the To-Do List”, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Stock up on back to school supplies because you are getting schooled until next September. Write your plans/schedule/dreams down and put them somewhere you can see it regularly. You need that daily reminder of what you’re working toward.

Mercury shifts into Libra on Thursday 8/27, shifting your thoughts and communication to creating harmonious, balanced, and diplomatic solutions. You’ll be in a better position to work on agreements and realize that disagreements are okay as long as everyone remains respectful. Mercury will be in Libra for an extended time thanks to the retrograde that goes down on 9/17. We’re already in Mercury’s shadow, so start backing things up on your electronic devices and making travel plans sooner than later.


[All times in EDT]

Moon entered Sagittarius | Sat. 8/22 @ 4:41 PM

Early Monday morning, the Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with Uranus, giving you a spark to get things done and to connect with some new people. Pay attention to your network and where it needs a dose of innovation.

Monday evening, the Moon challenges Mercury, leaving you with a need to communicate how you feel about the people in your world. If there’s an issue that needs to be hashed out, do it with tact and facts—Virgo Mercury deals in details & accuracy.

This Moon is asking you to go beyond your (perceived) limitations and start making consistent and smart work a part of your daily life. The reward (Jupiter) comes from the daily effort (Virgo) you put in.

Moon enters Capricorn | Tues. 8/25 @ 12:22 AM

Tuesday morning, the Moon enters Capricorn. Under this business-minded Moon, you can get plenty accomplished. You’re feeling more comfortable with the pace of the work you’re doing and you’re figuring out how to make this newfound discipline stick.

Luck is on your side if you ground those new healthy habits on Tuesday. Stick to your schedule/plan and it will pay off big time. Tuesday afternoon, the Moon chats with Neptune asking you to take action to add structure (Capricorn) to the to the dreams (Pisces/Neptune) you’ve started to revise (Neptune is retrograde).

Wednesday, you may wake up on the wrong side of the bed when it comes to partnerships (romantic, business, personal). You’ll also be doing some healing around your work ethic so you can make your dreams into something tangible and real.

This Moon is providing the space for you to do your work without emotions getting in the way as you clear out bad habits. You could feel ashamed for not changing that horrid habit that kept you sick, sad, or broke way before now, but don’t dwell on that. All that matters is that you’re DOING something to change it. The work doesn’t care how you feel—it just needs to get done. It will be especially important to tap into that calm in a crisis spirit when the Moon challenges rebellious Uranus (which is in impulsive + brash Aries). Don’t make a bad situation worse. No knee jerk reactions.

Moon enters Aquarius | Thu. 8/27 @ 4:03 AM

First thing Thursday morning, write down your dreams from the night before. Aquarius loves a good idea, and thanks to the Capricorn Moon harmonizing with Mercury in whip-smart Virgo, your dreams could contain some savvy, actionable, and profitable details for your business/career.

Under the spiteful Aquarius Moon, you could find yourself not in the mood to stick to that workhorse schedule you were on earlier in the week. Revamp the way you work by having a brainstorming breakfast with your business BFF. Up the ante by having a breakfast with people in your network so you can bounce some ideas around. Make innovative adjustments to get your work done. You may also be wondering if this new and improved You can really be the real You. Find the bright side of all these changes you’re making.

Friday is much like Thursday in that you’re still likely to feel tension when it comes to work and you need to connect with your network or friends. This time, do a long lunch with some interesting people. Try a restaurant that has family style dining.

If there’s an issue you’re having in one of your relationships, do your best not to argue for no reason because it could blow up and end things for good. There’s a strong ending energy to the end of the week, so it’d behoove you to refrain from talking with a slick mouth.

Moon enters Pisces | Sat. 8/29 @ 4:51 AM

Saturday morning the Moon moves into sentimental Pisces. You’ll be in tune with your dreams (which Pisces rules) and you may have a hard time—in your head—balancing your relationships with your dreams. The key is that you can’t keep them completely separate; one informs the other. Make room in your busy schedule for the things (and people) that you want to share those dreams with.

This Moon could have you feeling sensitive, but good. You’ll be considering if your goals match you spiritually. You may realize that your work needs to be emotionally and spiritually healthy for you.

Saturday night, you’ll experience the Pisces Full Moon, which is wrapping up the story from the Pisces New Moon from 3/20 earlier this year. What have you manifested from the intentions you set back in March? What do you want to release under this Full Moon? Write it down.

If you plan on doing a Full Moon ritual, spend your evening solo or with folks that are guaranteed to be positive. Pisces is highly sympathetic and it soaks up the emotional energy of whomever is in its environment. This is a very potent Full Moon since it’s answering to Neptune in Pisces. What do you need to let go of or release so you can transcend into the next phase of your life? Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so whatever you leave now, is gone. To have a Pisces Full Moon near the end of Saturn’s time in Scorpio, you could be hearing about a great deal of loss, deaths, endings, and goodbyes.

You may wake up Sunday with the energy to deal with your wounds. This is truly a #SuperSoulSunday if there ever was one. Meditate, do something artistic, curl up with a book or a movie, whatever you can do to be in touch with your spirit.


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