When I came to Ashleigh, I felt a war going on inside of apprehension and purpose. I later found out through her that I felt the need to step in my power and was entering a opportunistic time in my life. Weeks later, I can see things falling into place, but the sense of purpose led me there. Ashleigh gave me a strategy on continuing to mend personal and romantic relationships in order to build stronger ones in the future. For me, these things are very important and allow me to focus on other aspects of myself while providing a large amount of happiness to my life. Now I am allowing myself to not brag, but live in my self confidence daily. This has allowed me to replace “I cant”, “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know if I can” into “there’s nothing I can’t do”. For this, I’m very thankful.

Raymahl Sutton


I felt like I had too many nebulous details that needed to be sorted out. Ashleigh helped me see what needs immediate focus and attention.

Sheba Ness

I was really in need of some clarity. By reading my chart and confirming things for me, she gave me the confidence to go through with ideas I was struggling with starting. Thank you Ashleigh!

Ashley Oppon

Dreadlock Tarot

When I came to Ashleigh, I needed direction – in the process of recovering from sexual assault, I was looking for direction with everything in life, with an emphasis on friendships and career. Ashleigh helped me gain some clarity & provided me with the extra push to get me moving in the right direction – which will allow me to heal and progress. Now I am ready to heal in the way that’s best for me (and only me) so that I can continue to live life as a carefree black girl!


I was struggling with embracing my work as a public-facing brand instead, as opposed to the behind-the-scenes contract client work I’d been used to. In just a 30-minute call, Ashleigh gave the confirmation and confidence I needed to fully commit to my new site launch, as well as insight into the potential products most beneficial to my skills and in-line with my chart. Since then, I’ve launched a new website and completed full product strategy for the next 6 months.

Carrie Kholi

I felt overwhelmed and confused and concerned whether I was pursuing the right business idea. Ashleigh helped me to understand who I am and how I fit with my business and ways to take my business forward to make it an amazing business opportunity that will benefit others globally. Now I am excited to embark on my journey of launching my business online and making a difference in the lives of others.

Jacqui Bourne

I wasn’t sure what to expect because I didn’t know much about astrology other than my sun and moon sign. And I wasn’t sure how the session would be tailored towards a business in a way to help me move forward around my blocks. Through listening to her explain things, it was like a smack to the forehead. I knew what needed to be done but wasn’t seeing it. Now I’m clear on how to move forward and steps I can take to maximize and leverage what I learned.

Brianna N.

I needed to map out the year ahead and as a newbie to entrepreneurship, guidance is beneficial. Ashleigh helped me find specific tools that will help me succeed on the back end, and also gave me the validation I needed to keep pursuing my dream. Now, I am reaching out to the right people and building connections so I can build my success faster than I’d anticipated.

Lindsay C.