Get Over Yourself for Your Own Sake


“You really have to get over yourself for your own sake,” my friend said.

I could have said ouch, but they made too much sense. I’ve said variations of the same to other folks when asked for my insight to their self-created confusion and here I was, thigh deep in my own bullshit.

Even as an astrologer, I’m not immune. I’ve got blocks and fears that keep me in tough spaces. When you’ve grown up identifying as intelligent, it’s frustrating when there’s a concept you’re not grasping—especially one that’s of your own creation.

One of the most difficult things for a human being to do is get out of their own way. We’re so scared of our own shadow that we forget that we made the damn thing.

There’s light and dark to everything. Positive and negative. It depends on where you fall on the spectrum and how you feel about it. Your perspective makes the difference between a situation being an inferno and a campfire.

Transformation—a Scorpio concept—can be gruesome or it can be beautiful. The dictionary says transformation is: a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Scorpio also rules:

  • sex
  • rebirth
  • destruction
  • rebuilding things
  • other people’s resources
  • merging of assets
  • taxes, inheritances, insurance
  • death

Death is a transformation that requires you to leave your former self behind. You have technically died several times. You have been reborn even more. You will do this 1,000 times over.

You’re no longer the smart kid teased for being a goody two-shoes. You’re no longer an awkward teen with glasses and an orange bubble coat. You’re no longer that lost college student suffering through depression. You’re no longer that naive lover who neglects their intuition.

After surviving all of that, you’re being made new—accept it.


What’s the hardest part of the transformation you’re making right now?

New Cancer Moon – 7.15.15


Wednesday night at 8:24 PM EDT, the Cancer New Moon graces the sky. The Cancer New Moon is about making a fresh start in the area of your health (physical and emotional), well-being, self-care, and daily routine.

Cancer wants to plant roots. What do you need to ground you? What do you need to do to anchor yourself so you can face challenges head on?

Are your relationships emotionally healthy? Business, personal, or romantic. If a particular dynamic isn’t working, suss it out and call it out. This is the time to start anew.


I know I say this 24/7, but self-care is absolutely necessary for life. I don’t care if you’re running a business or working for a company, you have to take care of yourself. People like to sh*t on taking time for yourself, but it’s absolutely necessary.

You have to make your health a daily priority if you want to get to the next level. Period. You know how those articles about billionaires and successful entrepreneurs always talk about their morning/daily routine? There’s a reason for that. Making your wellness a priority frees you up energetically, emotionally, and mentally so you can make business decisions with clarity.

Eat & Move

Today and the next 2 weeks are a good time to kickstart a healthy new lifestyle. Your body does a lot of work for you, and you need to give it the fuel and care it needs to keep you going. Cut out sugary or processed foods. Add more leafy greens to your menu. Eat well and be well. Add some variety to your workout routine. Make a plan this week and the stars will help you stick to it. If you get started now, you’ll have amazing results by January 2016.


Get into some water. Go swimming at the beach, lake, or a pool. Take a bubble bath. Have a good soak in some fragrant and detoxifying salts. Cancer is a water sign, so if you can find a body of water to get into, the better off you’ll be.

Say So

We are in a glass case of emotions, astrologically speaking. With so many planets in water signs right now (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Saturn), we’re being faced with things we’ve buried or haven’t completely dealt with.

I don’t know how else to say this, but this week is the edge of the cliff for the next 8-12 years of your life. If there’s someone or something that you need (or need to get rid of) to have the life you want, make it known and make it plain. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it because we’re all feeling sensitive, but say whatever it is.


What are your intentions for the Cancer New Moon?

The Truth About Your New Astrologer


Let’s start with the facts.

I was born on February 8, 1986 at 6:15 AM on the South Side of Chicago. I was the largest baby (10 lbs. 4 oz. and 22.5” long) and the only girl born in the hospital that day.

In my natal chart, there’s an Aquarius stellium (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter) all snuggled behind an Aquarius Ascendant. All independence everything. Rebellious as shit and can’t help standing out.

Eternally eager to be my own boss, I started many little online ventures. I tried freelance writing, copywriting, editing, marketing, content creation, you name it. I settled on content marketing for entrepreneurs and soon I was building an online course.

One of the lessons required you to look at your natal chart, find placements related to your career & communication style. I slaved over that lesson, and I loved every minute of it. I recorded it and asked my homegirl/right hand Robyn to listen for errors.

She said, “Wow. You really sound like you know your stuff.”

That was a huge compliment to me because I pride myself on knowing what I’m talking about, plus, the motto for Aquarius is “I know”.

I went back to work on the rest of the course, and felt this huge wall of resistance go up. Soon I couldn’t finish any of the other lessons because the only lesson I gave a damn about was the one involving astrology.

The creative rush from that astrology lesson turned into doing free readings for over 25 women in a week (after the Capricorn New Moon—great for new business ventures).

Then it morphed into going to San Francisco to learn from Tara Gentile on building a stand out business (during the Pisces New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse, the Sun moving into Aries, and Spring Equinox, which marked the start of the astrological new year).

Now it has transformed into what you see before you; a blog post on the day of a Capricorn Full Moon, thus completing what I started.

There’s no limit to what you can do when you pay attention to the stars.

Fun fact: Aquarius rules astrology.

The concept of learning who you are and how to operate as a unique, whole individual is the epitome of Aquarius. Aquarius wants to be free to be themselves, whoever that person is. I believe in that wholeheartedly.

Astrology is about self-mastery. You’ll hear me say that a million times, so get used to it. Self-mastery is so important. I live and breathe it. I’m not telling you that to sell readings, I’m telling you because it has saved my life.

Knowing myself, who I am, what I stand for, what I believe in, what nurtures me, what heals me, what angers me, what drives me, what captivates me—all of these things are possible due to the guidance astrology provides.

That’s not to say my life is perfect—nothing ever is. Some would look at my life and think I’m a poor deluded astrologer who needs to get a real job. I look at my life and think it’s dope because it’s mine and I fought hard for it. I battled my fears, doubts, wounds, insecurities, shadows, and demons. I know there’s more to come, but I am prepared.

So here I am—a Chipotle-obsessed woman who’s going to show you how you can learn, love, and live your life, no matter what the Universe may throw your way.

Let’s end with that.