How to Choose the Best Business Birthday


Your business has a birthday. Yes, you read that correctly.

I’m sure that’s not something you hear often, but in my line of work, it’s necessary info. In astrology, we use charts for relationships and events, so it makes sense that we can use them for a business.

Your business has a personality. It has things it wants to do, and you may not always agree with it. My business has a Leo Moon, which means it loves to be in the spotlight for the public to see. I have an Aquarius Moon—Leo’s opposite sign—which is famously anxious, shies away from the spotlight, but whip smart.

Knowing that my business requires me to step out of my head and get in touch with the more bold, courageous, and creative side of myself is daunting, but I appreciate having something to go on. Getting your company’s chart read is a transformative experience, but you won’t be able to learn your business’s astrology unless you pin down the date and time of birth.

Here are a few ways you can choose a birthday and birth time for your business:

First Sale or Client

In my Capricorn Mom’s opinion, you’re not in business until you’re making money. I can’t help but agree with her (don’t ever tell her I said this). Thus, I based my business birthday on the moment I made my first sale. I felt a sense of pride when I saw that money come in from something I made and that’s when I felt my business was real.

Go back through your PayPal or email account and find the time of your first sale and use it for your business’s birth chart.


Your business could have become the real deal when you filed to become an LLC. It could be when you received your Articles of Incorporation in the mail. If you’re someone who believes it when everything’s legal, this may be the best choice for you.

Opening Day

If you have a brick and mortar business, this is a natural choice for your biz birthday. The moment you open(ed) the doors to your storefront is major, and I’m sure it’s a feeling you never forget.


In corporate charts, noon is the usual birth time. This usually places the Sun in the 10th House of career, public recognition, and the governing body of the business, which is the highest point of the chart. This doesn’t make the chart any better or worse, it simply places the emphasis on the leadership or owners of your company.


Which method did/will you use for your biz birthday? 

Views from the 6 God’s Astrology

Photo Credit: Fader Magazine

photo credit: Fader Magazine

Note [4.7.16 @ 11:50 AM EST]: I’m writing this before Views from the 6 drops. I’ll update once the album is released.

What does Drake’s astrology have to say about his upcoming album Views from the 6?


I’m a Drake fan. Always have been. Probably always will be, given he doesn’t do anything that’s unforgivable. Since he’s released a few tracks to whet our appetites, I noticed a few folks saying that he’d lost some steam. I’m a loyal but objective fan, and something tells me that all may not be what it seems. Let’s look at the chart.


Drake’s Natal Chart –


First thing I notice is that Drake’s natal Mars in Aquarius (a placement Jay-Z also shares) is being sextiled exactly by transit Mars which has stationed at 8° Sagittarius. Mars is the planet of energy, action, drive, and aggression. Sextiles are considered to be harmonious, but there must be a conscious effort. They require you to take action. Sextiles can bring you opportunities or ideas, but you have to do the work if you want to realize your goals.

Drake’s efforts are going to be called into question over the course of this Mars Retrograde (Rx). Mars wants him to review the way he’s been going about things in his personal life and how he’s communicating with the women in his life, especially his mother.

Drake’s Moon is in Cancer in his 11th House of the money you make from your career. The Moon rules the public and women as a collective. Quite literally, Drake makes his money based on how women-at-large feel about him.

If he wants things to improve in his life, he needs to tap back into the Divine Feminine, but he has to do it with respect. I think Drake will be challenged on what he really feels and believes about women. This could be a make or break moment for his career over the summer.

Transit Mars is also going to backtrack over his natal Saturn at 7° Sagittarius in early May. When Mars & Saturn meet, it can feel like your work flow slows down to a maddening crawl. This transit sometimes manifests as the signal of the beginning of a project that can do very well if you stay calm, focused, and take care of yourself.

Looking at his chart, I wonder if Drake is releasing throwaway tracks to make people think he’s fallen off. I wouldn’t put it past him. His Aquarius Mars never does things the way you think they should. Aquarius Mars folks tend to make moves that look erratic and non-sensical to others, but when everything falls into place for them, they don’t seem so crazy—they seem like a genius.

One could be worried that he could falter under the upcoming Mars Rx going from Sagittarius into Scorpio, but like all of astrology, that depends on him. His Taurus MC (destined for a career using his voice) answers to his retrograde Venus (the planet of love, attraction, relationships, prosperity) in Scorpio—he’s no stranger to retrograde Scorpio energy. He really is the Bane of this Scorpio energy game, so he has no problem waiting in the shadows watching his scheme unfold or using his relationships for profit.

He strategizes like no other thanks to his Scorpio stellium in 3rd House of communication & thought process, as evidenced by him putting Meek Mill on the OVO Fest screen. Like I said, he has to heal his relationships with the women in his life, and he may also need to mend things with Nicki Minaj once and for all.

Transit Uranus is exactly on his North Node (the path for your soul to follow in this life) in 20° Aries, which is happening in his 9th House of public relations, marketing, and professional speaking—it’s the engine that drives his career. The 9th House also deals with your philosophy, beliefs, vision for the future. Hello, VIEWS from the 6. The transit Sun in Aries is approaching the same degree of his North Node, so if he was thinking about releasing Views from the 6 on Friday, April 8, that would be the smartest thing he could do. This album could be his best yet, IF he’s done the work. We will soon see if Saturn—the planet of reputation, hard work, and effort—is pleased.

On top of all of that, if he releases it on April 8, he’s under the light of the Aries New Moon. New Moons are perfect for launching new projects, setting intentions, and giving yourself a fresh start. This Aries New Moon is pushing Drake to change what he believes about himself so that he can give his career a new beginning. Who does Drake think he is? This album could be a key to us (him and the rest of the world) finding out.

Once he puts this album out, it’d behoove him to take some time to do something outside of the norm and spend as much time as possible with those he considers to be his family until Memorial Day. By then, Mercury won’t be in it’s shadow and it will be in the same sign as his Taurus MC, giving him a sense of clarity and resoluteness about his career and the direction it’s heading in, leaving him free to feel secure with all of the women in his life.

Weekly Wisdom – 8.24.15

Week at a Glance

This week is a fresh start. Take note of the things that occur pertaining to your dreams this week—this is what the next year will be about.

Spend some time Monday learning and exploring your daily habits. Are the contributing to your health and well-being? Are they increasing your bank account? If not, it’s time to change for the better.

On Wednesday, the Virgo Sun links up for its annual meeting with Jupiter, giving us all a five-star lucky day. You’ll be in the spirit of expanding your mind, life, and daily experience. Virgo is the sign of your habits and daily work. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so while it’s in Virgo, you’e gaining knowledge and wisdom about your health, daily routine, habits, and planning. Jupiter wants to give you abundance, blessings, and opportunities. Virgo wants you to get organized and get to work.  The reward (Jupiter) comes from the daily effort (Virgo) you put in.

Anne Ortelee called the next 12 months “The Year of the To-Do List”, and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Stock up on back to school supplies because you are getting schooled until next September. Write your plans/schedule/dreams down and put them somewhere you can see it regularly. You need that daily reminder of what you’re working toward.

Mercury shifts into Libra on Thursday 8/27, shifting your thoughts and communication to creating harmonious, balanced, and diplomatic solutions. You’ll be in a better position to work on agreements and realize that disagreements are okay as long as everyone remains respectful. Mercury will be in Libra for an extended time thanks to the retrograde that goes down on 9/17. We’re already in Mercury’s shadow, so start backing things up on your electronic devices and making travel plans sooner than later.


[All times in EDT]

Moon entered Sagittarius | Sat. 8/22 @ 4:41 PM

Early Monday morning, the Sagittarius Moon harmonizes with Uranus, giving you a spark to get things done and to connect with some new people. Pay attention to your network and where it needs a dose of innovation.

Monday evening, the Moon challenges Mercury, leaving you with a need to communicate how you feel about the people in your world. If there’s an issue that needs to be hashed out, do it with tact and facts—Virgo Mercury deals in details & accuracy.

This Moon is asking you to go beyond your (perceived) limitations and start making consistent and smart work a part of your daily life. The reward (Jupiter) comes from the daily effort (Virgo) you put in.

Moon enters Capricorn | Tues. 8/25 @ 12:22 AM

Tuesday morning, the Moon enters Capricorn. Under this business-minded Moon, you can get plenty accomplished. You’re feeling more comfortable with the pace of the work you’re doing and you’re figuring out how to make this newfound discipline stick.

Luck is on your side if you ground those new healthy habits on Tuesday. Stick to your schedule/plan and it will pay off big time. Tuesday afternoon, the Moon chats with Neptune asking you to take action to add structure (Capricorn) to the to the dreams (Pisces/Neptune) you’ve started to revise (Neptune is retrograde).

Wednesday, you may wake up on the wrong side of the bed when it comes to partnerships (romantic, business, personal). You’ll also be doing some healing around your work ethic so you can make your dreams into something tangible and real.

This Moon is providing the space for you to do your work without emotions getting in the way as you clear out bad habits. You could feel ashamed for not changing that horrid habit that kept you sick, sad, or broke way before now, but don’t dwell on that. All that matters is that you’re DOING something to change it. The work doesn’t care how you feel—it just needs to get done. It will be especially important to tap into that calm in a crisis spirit when the Moon challenges rebellious Uranus (which is in impulsive + brash Aries). Don’t make a bad situation worse. No knee jerk reactions.

Moon enters Aquarius | Thu. 8/27 @ 4:03 AM

First thing Thursday morning, write down your dreams from the night before. Aquarius loves a good idea, and thanks to the Capricorn Moon harmonizing with Mercury in whip-smart Virgo, your dreams could contain some savvy, actionable, and profitable details for your business/career.

Under the spiteful Aquarius Moon, you could find yourself not in the mood to stick to that workhorse schedule you were on earlier in the week. Revamp the way you work by having a brainstorming breakfast with your business BFF. Up the ante by having a breakfast with people in your network so you can bounce some ideas around. Make innovative adjustments to get your work done. You may also be wondering if this new and improved You can really be the real You. Find the bright side of all these changes you’re making.

Friday is much like Thursday in that you’re still likely to feel tension when it comes to work and you need to connect with your network or friends. This time, do a long lunch with some interesting people. Try a restaurant that has family style dining.

If there’s an issue you’re having in one of your relationships, do your best not to argue for no reason because it could blow up and end things for good. There’s a strong ending energy to the end of the week, so it’d behoove you to refrain from talking with a slick mouth.

Moon enters Pisces | Sat. 8/29 @ 4:51 AM

Saturday morning the Moon moves into sentimental Pisces. You’ll be in tune with your dreams (which Pisces rules) and you may have a hard time—in your head—balancing your relationships with your dreams. The key is that you can’t keep them completely separate; one informs the other. Make room in your busy schedule for the things (and people) that you want to share those dreams with.

This Moon could have you feeling sensitive, but good. You’ll be considering if your goals match you spiritually. You may realize that your work needs to be emotionally and spiritually healthy for you.

Saturday night, you’ll experience the Pisces Full Moon, which is wrapping up the story from the Pisces New Moon from 3/20 earlier this year. What have you manifested from the intentions you set back in March? What do you want to release under this Full Moon? Write it down.

If you plan on doing a Full Moon ritual, spend your evening solo or with folks that are guaranteed to be positive. Pisces is highly sympathetic and it soaks up the emotional energy of whomever is in its environment. This is a very potent Full Moon since it’s answering to Neptune in Pisces. What do you need to let go of or release so you can transcend into the next phase of your life? Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so whatever you leave now, is gone. To have a Pisces Full Moon near the end of Saturn’s time in Scorpio, you could be hearing about a great deal of loss, deaths, endings, and goodbyes.

You may wake up Sunday with the energy to deal with your wounds. This is truly a #SuperSoulSunday if there ever was one. Meditate, do something artistic, curl up with a book or a movie, whatever you can do to be in touch with your spirit.


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Weekly Wisdom – 8.17.15

Weekly Wisdom 8.17.15


Week at a Glance

This week seems like a bit of a pause before things pick up and you get super busy. Whatever you decided to commit to is emotionally up for negotiation, scrutiny, and a change in perspective.

Thanks to Venus joining the Sun over the weekend, you’re starting a new 8 year cycle with your love, money, abundance, prosperity, and expansion in your Leo house(s) of your birth chart. Anne Ortelee—one of my favorite astrologers—suggests you light a candle and write down your vision for the Leo area(s) in your chart. What do you want to manifest for the next 8 years? What is your heart’s desire? What’s important to you? Put it down on paper on Monday and Tuesday.

On Saturday, the Leo Sun squares off with Saturn. This marks when your ego (Sun) realizes the transformation (Scorpio) you made through discipline & hard work (Saturn). Think about what you’ve been through since Oct. 2012. How have you grown in the area Leo resides in your chart?

Early Sunday morning the Sun rises in the sign of Virgo at 6:22 AM. The work we complete under the Virgo Sun will be on point since the Sun is answering to Virgo’s ruler Mercury, which is currently in Virgo. Putting yourself on a schedule, planning your day, and doing tasks to increase your bank account is going to pay off big time. Prioritizing tasks is going to be an important skill to develop.


[All times in EDT]


Moon entered Virgo | Sat. 8/15 @ 3:46 AM

As the week begins, the Moon is still in Virgo. On Monday @ 1:16 PM the Virgo Moon is flirting with Saturn, prompting you to check in with your desire for order and organization and how that’s informing your current professional transformation. How are you working daily to achieve your ambitions? Think on it Monday afternoon.

Moon enters Libra | Mon. 8/17 @ 4:23 PM

The Moon moves into harmony-seeking Libra, putting your emotional focus back on your relationships. This Moon is answering to Venus which is currently retrograde. Review your partnerships and what you want. Your relationships also include the ones you have with your customers or clients.

On Tuesday morning you’ll be in the mood to get things done thanks to Mars harmonizing with the Moon. You’ll also be susceptible to self-deception in your relationships thanks to Neptune’s contact with the Moon that day. In the evening, you may feel an internal struggle about what it’s going to take to transform your relationships. Don’t worry about that. Trust the process.

Wednesday morning you’ll be considering how you’re asserting yourself as a unique individual in your partnerships. Where can you be more forceful? Where could you compromise?

You’ll be a social butterfly from 9:42 AM to 10:56 PM on Wednesday. Get out and meet new people or connect with your tried and true folks.

Moon enters Scorpio | Thu. 8/20 @ 5:24 AM

Early Thursday morning, the Moon moves into mysterious & intense Scorpio. The Scorpio Moon harmonizes with Jupiter to help you banish any bad emotional mojo that’s getting in the way of developing healthier habits. This Moon is also being challenged by Mars to help you see where you may not be acting in your own best interest, and what you can do to stop that. Act from the heart, not from fear.

This Scorpio Moon represents endings, which may result in an emotional heaviness or sadness to the end of the week. Considering that Saturn (our planetary teacher of lessons) is in the homestretch of Scorpio before it goes into Sagittarius in 4 weeks, whatever we’re saying goodbye to this week is somewhat final.

Moon enters Sagittarius | Sat. 8/22 @ 4:41 PM

Saturday afternoon, the Moon journeys into Sagittarius, giving you a dose of optimism, the strength to let things go. Scorpio dredges up the murk and muck of our lives, then Sagittarius dumps it in the trash and moves on to the next adventure.

You’ll be feeling more upbeat and dreamy over the weekend. This Sagittarius Moon wants you to enjoy yourself because the Virgo Sun marks the beginning of the end of Summer.


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8 Ways Jupiter in Virgo Will Make You Successful

  • Jupiter in Virgo


Jupiter + Virgo = Practical Prosperity

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and it rightfully represents expansion, abundance, luck, possibility, travel, risk, and opportunities. It multiplies anything it touches, for better or worse. As the myth goes, Jupiter is the son of Saturn, the ruler of hard work, discipline, and control. Saturn liked to eat his children out of fear, but Jupiter survived despite his father’s efforts. Jupiter teaches us that if you’re willing to work through the challenges and obstacles (Saturn), you will succeed and live to tell the tale.

Virgo is the sign of personal heath, nutrition, diligence, daily work, routine, service, self improvement, duty, and employment. Virgo is practical, analytical, and loves when there’s a system in place. Virgo is all about working smart, hard, and efficiently.

Here’s what to do while Jupiter is in Virgo:

Plan Your Work

In business, Jupiter rules visionary thinking, marketing, and public relations. Get comfortable with making detailed plans, lists, outlines, etc. Virgo likes order and efficiency, and it loves having a task to complete. Write out your vision for the next 6 months, 12 months, and years ahead. Don’t be afraid to describe the nitty gritty. Get granular.

Organize Your Day

When it comes to planning how you’re going to achieve those goals, you have to have a daily schedule to follow. Tinker with your schedule and determine what works best for you. Taking care of the little things every day will yield the biggest rewards. If you’re looking for a way to get organized, look into the Passion Planner.

Work Your Plan

You can do all the planning in the world, but nothing beats putting in the work needed to get the job done. As I said before Jupiter will bring you many opportunities, but it’s up to you to take them and work for them. Look for some productivity hacks and implement them. Doing the work is the goal.

Adopt A Healthier Lifestyle

Health and nutrition fall under the domain of Virgo. Are you working out regularly? Are you eating a balanced diet with lots of veggies and fruits? Do you make your self-care a priority? Making time to stay healthy will help you keep up with that demanding schedule you’ve created for yourself. Use the energy of the next 12 months to build a better body so you can get more done.

Focus Your Efforts

Let’s face it: Virgo is picky. So why spread yourself paper thin trying to do everything under the Sun? Choose a few projects or endeavors to focus your attention on. Pick a core group of people to serve as a business owner or to have around you as you progress in your career. Not every opportunity is a good one. It can be tough to turn an offer down, but having a focus for your work is essential to being the best.

Create A Writing Practice

This Jupiter cycle is begging for you to put what you know down on paper–or screen–so people can buy it up. Jupiter rules publishing, literary efforts, and disseminating information on a global level. This is a fabulous time to crank out that book, course, novella, or whatever that you’ve been dying to do.

Become An Apprentice

Jupiter rules Sagittarius which deals with knowledge and higher education. Virgo appreciates the daily work it takes to be a master. If there’s a skill you want to develop and become a pro, start looking for where you can become an apprentice again. I’m planning to take classes with my astrological idols so I can deepen my knowledge and pay my dues. Speaking of payments…

Water Your Money

Jupiter in Virgo is a time where the work you put in can result in a great deal of financial growth and prosperity. Virgo represents the time of the year when you reap the harvest. Harvesting is rewarding when you’ve watered, weeded, and tended to your garden daily. If you want your bank account to grow, you have to water it with consistent effort. During Jupiter in Virgo, you may find yourself working so much that you don’t spend much money. If there’s a financial goal you’re trying to reach (paying off debt, making a big purchase, saving for a trip), this is a fabulous time to use the self-discipline Jupiter in Virgo is providing.


Jupiter is in Virgo from August 11, 2015 until September 9, 2016.

Weekly Wisdom – 8.10.15



Week at a Glance

This week is brimming with positivity around productivity. It will be tough, but discipline is the name of the game. If you want to be great, you have to commit to being consistently great. Work hard, then you can play hard.

First thing Tuesday morning, Jupiter enters Virgo and gives a boost of energy to get things done. Virgo is about putting in consistent, daily work. Do you need to develop better work and health habits? Virgo needs an answer and expects your response to be thorough and detailed. You need to examine and evaluate how you’re taking care of yourself. You’ll be more apt to commit to a self-care routine while Jupiter is in Virgo for the next year.

Jupiter moving into Virgo kicks off a 12 year cycle in your area of daily work. The steps you take in the coming week(s) are setting the stage for the next 8-12 years of your life. Break out the Post-Its, grab markers, get some pens, find some paper, and get to planning. Get detailed when you write down what you envision for the next several years of your life. For those who are seeking to grow their business or advance their career, this is the time to put in the work. Jupiter in Virgo is giving you the practical enthusiasm needed to build something to last.

Venus is retrograde in Leo asking you to review what you want deep down in your heart. Are your needs and desires being met in your relationships? Are your partner’s needs being met? Ask them. Have a conversation and get details. Leave no major question unanswered. Give specifics when they ask questions of you.

Saturn has done so much work to present you with your emotional truth when it backstroked in Scorpio. Now that it’s direct, you’re clearing out the last bits of muck that have kept you from committing to someone, something, or anything. Perhaps you haven’t been committed to your work. You may have allowed fear (or laziness disguised as fear) to keep you in a holding pattern with your latest projects or ventures. While it may be painful to see, it’s the perfect catalyst for your transformation into someone new.


[All times are EDT]


Moon enters Cancer | Mon. 8/10 @ 8:08 AM

Monday morning the Moon snuggles into its home sign of Cancer, giving you a moment to collect yourself and get in touch with your feelings. You can get a lot of work done under a Cancer Moon, but it’s important to balance that with self-care and nurturing. Take small breaks throughout the day to boost productivity. Try using the Pomodoro Technique of working for a set amount of time, taking a break, then getting back to work.

Tuesday, the Moon opposes Pluto and asks you to consider what emotions you’ve been holding onto that are destroying your relationships. Do you need to let something go? Do you need to call attention to something so your relationship can move forward? You’re in the mood to transform your relationships or at least how you feel about them. Give it some serious thought and take action. Even if it’s a simple conversation. Mercury being in clear-headed and detail-oriented Virgo has your back.

This Cancer Moon is also asking you what do you need to feel secure and what are you willing to do to make that a reality. How can you find creative but nurturing solutions to break yourself out of this rut? Check in with your body, mind, and spirit. See what needs work and commit to doing it. You will thank yourself soon that you did.

If you want to get some solid work done, block out Tuesday 10:27 PM to Wednesday 4:52 PM.

Moon enters Leo | Wed. 8/12 @ 4:52 PM

Wednesday afternoon the Moon moves into Leo, increasing your desire for recognition and appreciation. With so much of the sky hanging out in Leo—Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars—the desires of your heart are blazing hot and they need to be expressed in some way. What do you want most for your career? What lights you up about your business? What can do you to make sure you maintain your confidence? These are things that the Leo Moon wants to know.

Recognize your repeat clients. Showcase their latest achievements. Give them the spotlight. Offer a discount for a product or service you offer. Find a way to give your clients some shine.

The Leo New Moon hits on Friday at 10:53 AM. This Moon is important because it’s giving us a fresh start in terms of what we want on a heart level. Fortune favors the bold. I know I keep asking you about what you want/need/desire, but there’s a reason. Your desires are what drive your decisions. It also fuels your creativity, which is ruled by Leo. How are you shining in the world? Are you expressing yourself fully? How’s your relationship with your children (your own mini-creations)? If you don’t have children, do you want any? How’s your romantic life? Could you use a bit more grandeur in your love life? Or could you be the one that needs to be more romantic towards your partner? Set that intention. Get clear on what you want because we’re shaping the next decade or so of our lives right now.

Moon enters Virgo | Sat. 8/15 @ 3:46 AM

The weekend belongs to the Virgo Moon which asks us to get to work. Taking small daily actions will help you build something lasting. Shortly after it’s ingress, the Virgo Moon joins Jupiter to expand your need to be productive. Clean up your space. Create your new healthy meal plan for the next several months. Optimize your daily schedule. Find where you’re wasting time and adjust accordingly. Take care of the little details.

Look at the products and services you offer. Is it time to revamp? Maybe something isn’t selling as well as you thought it would. Maybe your customers have been asking you about something you hadn’t intended to offer, but now you’re considering it. Review if you’re serving your clients as well as you could. Make no major changes or decisions right now since Venus (the ruler of your relationships and finances) is still retrograde. Do the research and see what folks have to say, then take action after 10/9.

It’s not going to be easy to get yourself over this productivity hump. But it will be completely worth it. If you’re looking to get on top of things, try the Consistency Cleanse that Mattie James of Mattieologie is currently offering as a 5-day email course. The energy is available for you to make huge strides and drastic transformations in your life and business, but you MUST do the work. There are no shortcuts.

For those that are self-employed or looking to get ahead, hunker down and get to work Saturday 8/15 @ 9:30 PM to Monday 8/17 @ 1:16 PM. The Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter will all be in Virgo, providing the solid ground you need to build your foundation.


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