How to Choose the Best Business Birthday


Your business has a birthday. Yes, you read that correctly.

I’m sure that’s not something you hear often, but in my line of work, it’s necessary info. In astrology, we use charts for relationships and events, so it makes sense that we can use them for a business.

Your business has a personality. It has things it wants to do, and you may not always agree with it. My business has a Leo Moon, which means it loves to be in the spotlight for the public to see. I have an Aquarius Moon—Leo’s opposite sign—which is famously anxious, shies away from the spotlight, but whip smart.

Knowing that my business requires me to step out of my head and get in touch with the more bold, courageous, and creative side of myself is daunting, but I appreciate having something to go on. Getting your company’s chart read is a transformative experience, but you won’t be able to learn your business’s astrology unless you pin down the date and time of birth.

Here are a few ways you can choose a birthday and birth time for your business:

First Sale or Client

In my Capricorn Mom’s opinion, you’re not in business until you’re making money. I can’t help but agree with her (don’t ever tell her I said this). Thus, I based my business birthday on the moment I made my first sale. I felt a sense of pride when I saw that money come in from something I made and that’s when I felt my business was real.

Go back through your PayPal or email account and find the time of your first sale and use it for your business’s birth chart.


Your business could have become the real deal when you filed to become an LLC. It could be when you received your Articles of Incorporation in the mail. If you’re someone who believes it when everything’s legal, this may be the best choice for you.

Opening Day

If you have a brick and mortar business, this is a natural choice for your biz birthday. The moment you open(ed) the doors to your storefront is major, and I’m sure it’s a feeling you never forget.


In corporate charts, noon is the usual birth time. This usually places the Sun in the 10th House of career, public recognition, and the governing body of the business, which is the highest point of the chart. This doesn’t make the chart any better or worse, it simply places the emphasis on the leadership or owners of your company.


Which method did/will you use for your biz birthday? 

Views from the 6 God’s Astrology

photo credit: Fader Magazine

Note [4.7.16 @ 11:50 AM EST]: I’m writing this before Views from the 6 drops.

What does Drake’s astrology have to say about his upcoming album Views from the 6?

I’m a Drake fan. Always have been. Probably always will be, given he doesn’t do anything that’s unforgivable. Since he’s released a few tracks to whet our appetites, I noticed a few folks saying that he’d lost some steam. I’m a loyal but objective fan, and something tells me that all may not be what it seems. Let’s look at the chart.

First thing I notice is that Drake’s natal Mars in Aquarius (a placement Jay-Z also shares) is being sextiled exactly by transit Mars which has stationed at 8° Sagittarius. Mars is the planet of energy, action, drive, and aggression. Sextiles are considered to be harmonious, but there must be a conscious effort. They require you to take action. Sextiles can bring you opportunities or ideas, but you have to do the work if you want to realize your goals.

Drake’s efforts are going to be called into question over the course of this Mars Retrograde (Rx). Mars wants him to review the way he’s been going about things in his personal life and how he’s communicating with the women in his life, especially his mother.

Drake’s Moon is in Cancer in his 11th House of the money you make from your career. The Moon rules the public and women as a collective. Quite literally, Drake makes his money based on how women-at-large feel about him.

If he wants things to improve in his life, he needs to tap back into the Divine Feminine, but he has to do it with respect. I think Drake will be challenged on what he really feels and believes about women. This could be a make or break moment for his career over the summer.

Transit Mars is also going to backtrack over his natal Saturn at 7° Sagittarius in early May. When Mars & Saturn meet, it can feel like your work flow slows down to a maddening crawl. This transit sometimes manifests as the signal of the beginning of a project that can do very well if you stay calm, focused, and take care of yourself.

Looking at his chart, I wonder if Drake is releasing throwaway tracks to make people think he’s fallen off. I wouldn’t put it past him. His Aquarius Mars never does things the way you think they should. Aquarius Mars folks tend to make moves that look erratic and non-sensical to others, but when everything falls into place for them, they don’t seem so crazy—they seem like a genius.

One could be worried that he could falter under the upcoming Mars Rx going from Sagittarius into Scorpio, but like all of astrology, that depends on him. His Taurus MC (destined for a career using his voice) answers to his retrograde Venus (the planet of love, attraction, relationships, prosperity) in Scorpio—he’s no stranger to retrograde Scorpio energy. He really is the Bane of this Scorpio energy game, so he has no problem waiting in the shadows watching his scheme unfold or using his relationships for profit.

He strategizes like no other thanks to his Scorpio stellium in 3rd House of communication & thought process, as evidenced by him putting Meek Mill on the OVO Fest screen. Like I said, he has to heal his relationships with the women in his life, and he may also need to mend things with Nicki Minaj once and for all.

Transit Uranus is exactly on his North Node (the path for your soul to follow in this life) in 20° Aries, which is happening in his 9th House of public relations, marketing, and professional speaking—it’s the engine that drives his career. The 9th House also deals with your philosophy, beliefs, vision for the future. Hello, VIEWS from the 6. The transit Sun in Aries is approaching the same degree of his North Node, so if he was thinking about releasing Views from the 6 on Friday, April 8, that would be the smartest thing he could do. This album could be his best yet, IF he’s done the work. We will soon see if Saturn—the planet of reputation, hard work, and effort—is pleased.

On top of all of that, if he releases it on April 8, he’s under the light of the Aries New Moon. New Moons are perfect for launching new projects, setting intentions, and giving yourself a fresh start. This Aries New Moon is pushing Drake to change what he believes about himself so that he can give his career a new beginning. Who does Drake think he is? This album could be a key to us (him and the rest of the world) finding out.

Once he puts this album out, it’d behoove him to take some time to do something outside of the norm and spend as much time as possible with those he considers to be his family until Memorial Day. By then, Mercury won’t be in it’s shadow and it will be in the same sign as his Taurus MC, giving him a sense of clarity and resoluteness about his career and the direction it’s heading in, leaving him free to feel secure with all of the women in his life.

To My Business on Her First Birthday


To My (Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, Cancer Rising) Business on Her 1st Birthday,

I can’t believe how much you’ve grown! It seems like yesterday when that first transaction appeared in my PayPal and you were born.

Seeing you as a viable business for the first time filled me with so much joy. I had a lot to learn in a short amount of time, and I’m still learning. To be honest, I wasn’t always the best entrepreneur. You are my first real business, and I admit I didn’t know what to do with you. No entrepreneur is truly ready for their first business. Even though I wasn’t ready for you, I can’t imagine my life without you.

It hasn’t been easy giving you the attention you need (you’ve got a Leo Moon, hello!) because doing that calls for me to put you—really myself—in the spotlight.

Fighting for you has helped me fight for myself. You saved me at a time when I didn’t know who I was. Some say I should separate myself from you emotionally, but you are made of me. My desires, ideas, beliefs, karma, and destiny are all wrapped up in you.

You challenge me to communicate my thoughts and feelings (eek!) to my friends and family, which is something I’ve shied away from for far too long. You push me to use my voice to amplify yours because somebody needs to hear it.

You motivate people—including me—to be the best version of themselves. You open others up to be comfortable with who they are. You don’t do ordinary, and that is why I love you so much because I’m the same way.

Today on your first birthday, I set the intention to be a more committed and confident entrepreneur to help you reach your full potential. Nothing about you is average, and you deserve the best because your Capricorn Sun won’t bear cutting corners.

Despite my fear, fumbles, and unfailing humanity, I am determined to help you grow into the empire I know you can be. Fortune favors your boldness, and I thank you for choosing me to bring you to life.

Smash your cake, love. Let’s fuck up the world.

Ashleigh <3

Get Over Yourself for Your Own Sake



“You really have to get over yourself for your own sake,” my friend said.

I could have said ouch, but they made too much sense. I’ve said variations of the same to other folks when asked for my insight to their self-created confusion and here I was, thigh deep in my own bullshit.

Even as an astrologer, I’m not immune. I’ve got blocks and fears that keep me in tough spaces. When you’ve grown up identifying as intelligent, it’s frustrating when there’s a concept you’re not grasping—especially one that’s of your own creation.

One of the most difficult things for a human being to do is get out of their own way. We’re so scared of our own shadow that we forget that we made the damn thing.

There’s light and dark to everything. Positive and negative. It depends on where you fall on the spectrum and how you feel about it. Your perspective makes the difference between a situation being an inferno and a campfire.

Transformation—a Scorpio concept—can be gruesome or it can be beautiful. The dictionary says transformation is: a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. Scorpio also rules:

  • sex
  • rebirth
  • destruction
  • rebuilding things
  • other people’s resources
  • merging of assets
  • taxes, inheritances, insurance
  • death

Death is a transformation that requires you to leave your former self behind. You have technically died several times. You have been reborn even more. You will do this 1,000 times over.

You’re no longer the smart kid teased for being a goody two-shoes. You’re no longer an awkward teen with glasses and an orange bubble coat. You’re no longer that lost college student suffering through depression. You’re no longer that naive lover who neglects their intuition.

After surviving all of that, you’re being made new—accept it.


What’s the hardest part of the transformation you’re making right now?

8 Ways Jupiter in Virgo Will Make You Successful


Jupiter + Virgo = Practical Prosperity

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and it rightfully represents expansion, abundance, luck, possibility, travel, risk, and opportunities. It multiplies anything it touches, for better or worse. As the myth goes, Jupiter is the son of Saturn, the ruler of hard work, discipline, and control. Saturn liked to eat his children out of fear, but Jupiter survived despite his father’s efforts. Jupiter teaches us that if you’re willing to work through the challenges and obstacles (Saturn), you will succeed and live to tell the tale.

Virgo is the sign of personal heath, nutrition, diligence, daily work, routine, service, self improvement, duty, and employment. Virgo is practical, analytical, and loves when there’s a system in place. Virgo is all about working smart, hard, and efficiently.

Here’s what to do while Jupiter is in Virgo:

Plan Your Work

In business, Jupiter rules visionary thinking, marketing, and public relations. Get comfortable with making detailed plans, lists, outlines, etc. Virgo likes order and efficiency, and it loves having a task to complete. Write out your vision for the next 6 months, 12 months, and years ahead. Don’t be afraid to describe the nitty gritty. Get granular.

Organize Your Day

When it comes to planning how you’re going to achieve those goals, you have to have a daily schedule to follow. Tinker with your schedule and determine what works best for you. Taking care of the little things every day will yield the biggest rewards. If you’re looking for a way to get organized, look into the Passion Planner.

Work Your Plan

You can do all the planning in the world, but nothing beats putting in the work needed to get the job done. As I said before Jupiter will bring you many opportunities, but it’s up to you to take them and work for them. Look for some productivity hacks and implement them. Doing the work is the goal.

Adopt A Healthier Lifestyle

Health and nutrition fall under the domain of Virgo. Are you working out regularly? Are you eating a balanced diet with lots of veggies and fruits? Do you make your self-care a priority? Making time to stay healthy will help you keep up with that demanding schedule you’ve created for yourself. Use the energy of the next 12 months to build a better body so you can get more done.

Focus Your Efforts

Let’s face it: Virgo is picky. So why spread yourself paper thin trying to do everything under the Sun? Choose a few projects or endeavors to focus your attention on. Pick a core group of people to serve as a business owner or to have around you as you progress in your career. Not every opportunity is a good one. It can be tough to turn an offer down, but having a focus for your work is essential to being the best.

Create A Writing Practice

This Jupiter cycle is begging for you to put what you know down on paper–or screen–so people can buy it up. Jupiter rules publishing, literary efforts, and disseminating information on a global level. This is a fabulous time to crank out that book, course, novella, or whatever that you’ve been dying to do.

Become An Apprentice

Jupiter rules Sagittarius which deals with knowledge and higher education. Virgo appreciates the daily work it takes to be a master. If there’s a skill you want to develop and become a pro, start looking for where you can become an apprentice again. I’m planning to take classes with my astrological idols so I can deepen my knowledge and pay my dues. Speaking of payments…

Water Your Money

Jupiter in Virgo is a time where the work you put in can result in a great deal of financial growth and prosperity. Virgo represents the time of the year when you reap the harvest. Harvesting is rewarding when you’ve watered, weeded, and tended to your garden daily. If you want your bank account to grow, you have to water it with consistent effort. During Jupiter in Virgo, you may find yourself working so much that you don’t spend much money. If there’s a financial goal you’re trying to reach (paying off debt, making a big purchase, saving for a trip), this is a fabulous time to use the self-discipline Jupiter in Virgo is providing.


Jupiter is in Virgo from August 11, 2015 until September 9, 2016.