I’m Ashleigh D. Johnson and I use astrology to show aspiring and established entrepreneurs the logic behind their instincts.
You need to be clear on your next steps. You need be confident in the decisions you make because they affect you—financially and spiritually. You need a reason to trust your intuition. A way to prove to yourself that you’re not just following some crazy dream.
That’s where I come in.
As a business astrologer, I help clients gain clarity, cash, and control through intentional observation of their natal chart and business’s chart—yes, your business has a chart of its own.
Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out, I can help you understand how and when you can make more money with ease.

Wow – I can’t even imagine how amazing working with her on a longer term basis would be.  She not only confirmed some things I already knew about myself & my career, but made sense of things that have been confusing to me.  If you’re thinking about hiring Ashleigh to get some clarity and insight into your life, go for it, she is fantastic!

Jenev Cadell

My Best Relationship

When I spoke with Ashleigh, I had just decided to finally take the leap and start my coaching & speaking business. Ashleigh spoke to me as though she had been given an inside look at everything that I have held close to heart and more than confirmed that, yet again, I was being led in the direction of my dreams and it was time to step up. She put into words all that was brewing within, even the parts I hadn’t yet looked at closely myself. For those intuitives out there: If you want to feel seen and heard in a the ‘knowing’ sense that you lead your life, speak with Ashleigh–she’s the real deal!

Paula De Vilbiss